Ashford-Rumble Elementary School
A West Virginia Title I Distinguished School Of Excellence
1649 Ashford Nellis Road
Ashford, WV 25009
"Schoolwide Tiger Pride"

"Ashford-Rumble Elementary School"

			Ashford-Rumble School was built as a direct result of the fire
		that destroyed Rumble Grade School in 1961.  This fire resulted in the 
		"consolidation" of Ashford and Rumble Grade Schools and the construction 
		of a new school facility to be named Ashford-Rumble Elementary School.

			The new facility was constructed during 1962 and 1963.  Ashford-Rumble
		Elementary School "opened" on April 17, 1963.  During the past several years "our
		community" has grown and so has our school.  Two classrooms, the annex, and
		a gym have been added to accomodate our students.

			Recent "construction/renovations" have greatly enhanced the
		quality and "appearance" of our school and has provided additional space 
		for new offices and classrooms.  Currently our school serves approximatley 
		140 students in grades 1-6, kindergarten, and special education programs.

			Ashford-Rumlbe Elementary School provides a variety of educational
		programs and services to meet the needs of our students.  Our school also
		meets the needs of our community by offering community educational classes, 
		several programs for recreation, and by opening ours doors to numerous public

			We at Ashford-Rumble are extremely proud of our school and the 
		various programs and services that our school provides our community.  For 
		additional information concerning Ashford-Rumble Elementary School, please
		feel free to visit or call our school. (836-5381)

	                                         Roger Toney - Principal

                                               SCHOOLWIDE   TIGER    PRIDE

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